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Pittsburgh's Americana Music & Modern Folk Band

“How can a band be loose and tight at the same time? Listen to Buffalo Rose for the answer. I flat love them.”

— Tom Paxton, folk music legend and Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award recipient

“The balancing act that the six musicians of Buffalo Rose achieve is something to be celebrated. The group match each other's energy both in instances of quiet tenderness and rich swells... that vocal blend not only sets the mood for the folk tunes but also makes those dynamic changes seem so fluid.”
— NPR Music

“Their sound is intoxicating - the combination of their tight string band rhythm and their supple harmonies.”
— John Platt, founder of the New Folk Initiative

“Best Alt-Folk/Alt-Country Band 2021”
— Pittsburgh City Paper

Buffalo Rose is a wildly charismatic six-piece modern folk/Americana band from Pittsburgh that will change your entire perspective on acoustic music. They take the singer-songwriter tradition to a new level by crafting original songs which are emotive, meticulously arranged, and inspired by a world of idiosyncratic influences that never let a dull or predictable moment creep in.

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